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Fundraising supporting our Australian Communities

All organisations are welcome to join our fundraising program
Fundraising Committees
Here is a new fund raising idea to mention at your next committe meeting:

      No. of Flexi Vouchers Purchased     

 GreatBreaks will DONATE back to your organisation

 5 Flexi Vouchers

    5% of the Flexi Deposit Price 

10 Flexi Vouchers 

  10% of the Flexi Deposit Price 

20 Flexi Vouchers

        20% of the Flexi Deposit Price         

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Suggestions of how our fundraising program may benefit your organisation:

Fundraising Endeavours
        Are you a member of an organisation or on your own personal quest to help others doin your
own personal fundraising for a special cause?

Non-Profit Organisations & Charities
        Accommodation for events at discounted rates.

Community Clubs
        What a great way to raise funds for your community.

Health Organisations
        Cause for a Cure - no one minds going on a holiday if it is to help cure a disease.

Schools P & C Associations & Kindy
        Mention our offer in your school newsletter encouraging all the parents to purchase great value holiday packages
to support their school.

Sporting Clubs
Book your accommodation for sporting tournaments and the donation may be put towards the keeping of your clubhouse.

Support Groups & Carers
        Hard working Carers need a holiday, we are here to help.

And so many more!               So remember .... Great Breaks @ Great Rates!

Buy    5 vouchers and GreatBreaks will    donate    5%    of the deposit purchase price to your organisation
Buy  10 vouchers and GreatBreaks will   donate   10%    of the deposit purchase price to your organisation
Buy  20 vouchers and GreatBreaks will   donate   20%    of the deposit purcahse price to your organisation

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