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Let us market your resort with Greatbreaks

Outstanding performance is what we pride ourselves on!

Over the past forteen years of operations, Queensland Accommodation Corporation and New South Wales Accommodation Corporation have become well known for their outstanding success in the marketing arena.

As our operations have expanded to other states in Australia and New Zealand, not to mention our excitment of our new Dubai property opening soon, we have rebranded to Greatbreaks to cover the best in all destinations.

The groups' approach to dynamic marketing strategies has resulted in raising occupancy levels and ensuring returns to owners are sound.

A dedicated team, staffed by up to 70 experienced professionals and support staff , focus on extensive marketing campaigns for quality resorts. Emphasis is placed on careful market research and analysis for each property so that strategic plans can be developed for an effective marketing plan.

These strategies incorporate:

  • The utilization of our extensive database of customers
  • Telemarketing
  • Internet visibility & interaction
  • Media design & promotions
  • Trade Shows, Sponsorship, Advertising and Market Exposure
  • State of the art Training Department with qualified professionals who ensure our large staff numbers are expertly trained in sales, product knowledge, procedures and customer service

Our marketing team strives at providing innovation in marketing strategies to ensure leadership within our industry.

The team's General Manager, Tammi Pointon, has over fourteen years experience in strata-title management and marketing.

Known for her pro-active, hands on approach, Tammi leads by example, creating an environment in which innovation in marketing is balanced by the utilization of proven strategic planning systems.

Among the teams portfolio are apartment hotels in capital cities, high rise resorts overlooking coastal beaches, villas set amongst acres of tropical landscaping and lagoons plus chateaus surrounded by vineyards. The common link is the professionalism of management, guest satisfaction and our constant drive to create exposure by topping up occupancy and producing volumes of new business for resorts.

While the same depth of management and sound business principles are applied with each property, Tammi ensures that the distinguishing characteristics of each are clearly defined and utilized in the market campaigns to achieve unique positioning in the market place.

The group's approach has consistently resulted in key performance indicators, such as occupancy levels, climbing well over industry averages. In many instances occupancy rates of more than 80% per annum have been achieved and maintained, grown from a take-over base of less than 50%.